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Faculty of Geology and Geography

Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics

Institute of Arts and Culture

Institute of Economics and Management

Faculty of Innovative Technologies

Faculty of Foreign Languages

Institute of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

Faculty of Physics

Faculty of Chemistry

Faculty of Radiophysics

Biological Institute

Faculty of Psychology

Institute of the Human of the Digital Era

Faculty of Journalism

Faculty of Historical and Political Studies


Campus Courses: 

  1. Data Mining and Bioinformatics (Master's programme)
  2. Non-parametric Identification of Economic Systems (For Master's and PhD students)


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 Courses under development:

  1. Megatrends and Global Problems
  2. Analysis of International Situations
  3. Political Problems of the International System
  4. History of European Integration
  5. Political System of the EU
  6. Methodology of International Political Research
  7. Global Security
  8. Regional Systems of International Relations in the 21st Century
  9. Foreign Policy Process and the Making of Russian Foreign Policy
  10. Non-State Actors in the International System
  11. Theory of Diplomacy and Contemporary Diplomatic System
  12. Russian Foreign Policy Strategy and InternationalConflicts
  13. Economic and Monetary Integration in Europe
  14. Social Europe and EU Social Policy
  15. EU Regional Policy and European Regionalism
  16. Methods of Concurrent Computing
  17. Additional Chapters of Mathematical Analysis
  18. Methods of Spline Functions
  19. Modern Computer Technology
  20. Topological Spaces of Functions
  21. Basises and Frames in Hilbert Spaces
  22. Main Classes of Functional-Analytic Compacts
  23. Problems of Classification of Function Spaces
  24. Country Studies of the First Language Under Study (Great Britain)
  25. Country Studies of the First Language Under Study (USA)
  26. Theoretical Course of the First Foreign Language (Modules: Lexicology, Theoretical Phonetics of the English Language)
  27. Theoretical Course of the First Foreign Language (Modules: Stylistics, Theoretical Grammar of the English Language)
  28. Business Correspondence Translation (the First Foreign Language)
  29. History of the First Foreign Language
  30. Practicum on Translation in Professional and Business Sphere (the First Foreign Language (Modules: Translation, Interpretation))
  31. Translation Theory
  32. Theory and Practice of Intercultural Communication
  33. Business Foreign Language
  34. Technologies of Creation and Translation of Advertising Texts
  35. SDL TRADOS Translation Technology
  36. Corporate Finance
  37. Integrated Marketing Communications
  38. Quantitative Methods in Management
  39. Applied System Analysis
  40. Human Resource Management
  41. Model-based Testing
  42. Nondeterministic Finite State Machines: Analysis and Synthesis
  43. Error Correcting Codes