Financial Support

Students participation in joint academic programmes is based on the agreement between Tomsk State University and partner Universities (organizations). Financial conditions for program participation are set individually for each specific case. The general practice is that education in receiving University in the framework of joint academic programmes is free of charge. However, some Universities have registration fee which have to be covered students  themselves.

A wide range of Universities pay scholarship for foreign students.  There are also different funds and Organizations which provide scholarships and grants for education. 

Travel, visa, medical insurance and accommodation expenses are  covered by students.

In the framework of the Programme for Enhancing the Competitiveness of the Leading Universities of the Russian Federation among the world's leading research and education centres for 2013-2020 students from TSU can request for full or partial compensation of travel, accommodation, visa and medical insurance expenses. It is necessary to fill in the cost plan when applying for mobilitywithin the framework of joint academic programmes. 


  • During three days after the mobility a student has to report about target flow ofallocated funds. He/She should present original documents proving all expenses. If studentscannot confirm the target flow, the allocated money must be returned back to the University.

  • Expenses for “Accommodation” are considered only as payment for accommodation. Food, purchase of educational materials and so on are not covered.