About Us

Our mission is to step up efforts to integrate TSU into the process of internationalization of higher education, to support the development and implementation of joint double-degree and exchange programmes, as well as to increase the academic mobility of undergraduate and postgraduate students, and the mobility of TSU academic staff.

  • coordinating and advisory work with education departments on the creating, establishing and implementing joint educational programmes with Russian and international universities and scientific and educational organizations;

  • organization and comprehensive advice on academic exchanges of TSU students and academic staff, as well as TSU partner universities' students and academic staff within the joint academic programmes framework; 

  • developing agreements on implementation of joint academic programmes as well as on terms and conditions of academic mobility of students and academic staff with TSU partner universities;

  • advising of TSU undergraduate and postgraduate students and academic staff on all issues related to participation in joint academic programmes;

  • processing of TSU and partner-universities students' applications  for participation in joint academic programmes;

  • finalizing individual plans and learning agreements for students and postgraduate students taking part in joint academic programmes.