‘Small scale’ and ‘personal’ may not be terms you would immediately associate with a university. But it is around these concepts that Problem-Based Learning (PBL) and Research-Based Learning (RBL) revolve. The methods of instruction employed by Maastricht Science Programme promote active learning to build knowledge and develop academic skills as well as an academic and professional attitude.

We offer you a challenging learning environment with small and interactive group sessions as distinctive characteristic. In both your studies and your future career you will need more than a load of information, you need to be able to transfer and apply your knowledge. Through Problem-Based Learning (PBL) and Research-Based Learning (RBL) you are encouraged to explore the material yourself and to apply your knowledge to real and hypothetical cases.

At TISP, we take you even further than Problem-Based Learning. The innovative teaching method employed is Research-Based Learning (RBL). At TISP sections of several courses and skills as well as most of the projects are based on RBL. In RBL you will work on contemporary research topics as part of your education. During courses and skills, you will study research problems of which the answer is not yet known. During the projects and the Bachelor Thesis Research you conduct your own research in close cooperation with scientist and researchers. You will learn to apply your knowledge and to create your own discoveries, rather than simply learning about existing theories.


  • Construct your own unique curriculum in the natural sciences
  • Intensive guidance by your dedicated Academic Advisor
  • A stimulating international learning environment
  • Problem-Based Learning and Research-Based Learning
  • Extensive skills training programme
  • Research-Based Learning