Tomsk International Science Honor's Program


TOMSK INTERNATIONAL SCIENCE HONOR'S PROGRAM                                                                                                        

In the academic year 2019/2020  the Interdisciplinary International Bachelor Program Tomsk International Science Program will start at Tomsk State University within the "Institute of Smart Materials and Technology". The Tomsk International Science Program (TISP) is a unique program developed in collaboration with Maastricht University, the Netherlands, aimed at training of a new generation of top speсialists with interdisciplinary knowledge to meet the huge challenges we face now and in the future. The program is based on the widely accepted among world leading universities model of Liberal Arts&Sciences, is taught in English and has special admission requirements.
 Tomsk International Science Honor's Program
will help you to get acquainted with modern educational approaches (PBL, RBL), to improve your level of English language proficiency and to prepare for entering the TISP program or some other international interdisciplinary programs in Russia or abroad.
The Tomsk International Science Honor's Program will start in the academic year 2018/2019. The Tomsk International Science Honor's Program will also especially be useful for those, who are eager to open new educational horizons and explore the global scientific agenda! 
Information about the Honor's Program

Fast facts

  • helps students to meet admission requirements for the TISP bachelor program
  • completely taught in English
  • 1- year program running from November to June
  • program fee: 6000 RUB
  • upon completion of the Program, you will be awarded with the Tomsk International Science Honor’s Program Certificate

Preparing for studying at the international programs

In the Program, you will be able to adjust to a new style of learning and improve your English. The intensive education and training that you will receive during this programme will make you eligible for the bachelor TISP program and will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in entering any international interdisciplinary program in Russia or abroad . 



Innovative Teaching & Learning

  • International classrooms and outlook
  • Lectures given by the world-leading scientists
  • Learning in small teams of 10-12 students
  • Introduction to a new interactive way of learning
  • Academic advising – tutors with international scientific experience
  • Creation of your own research project
  • A focus on solving  societal relevant challenges


  • Interdisciplinary knowledge in physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics for solving global challenges
  • Comprehensive preparation  for the TISP bachelor program or other international programs  in Russia or abroad
  • Ability to present and debate (in English) and to communicate across cultures and work in (international) team


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Get a great scientific experince and develop your personal skills for your future study and life



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