Level: Bachelor

Semestre: 2nd


Working Hours: 
- Contact: 32
- Self-study: 40
- Total: 62

Language of Instruction: English

Author of the Course: Nataliya Pogukaeva, Assistant professor

Nataliya Pogukaeva, Assistant professor
- This course introduces a historical overview of the cultural studies approach, with a special emphasis on the relevance of this approach to understanding theory of culture.
Learning Outcomes:
- Analize and explain major theories that both influences and came out of cultural studies and its contemporary culture;
- Apply one ore more concepts of cultural studies to a unique research problem that you know well, and that you have identified and described on your own; 
- Demonstrate the practicality of cultural studies theory to new situations and practices relevant to your everyday experience.
Assessment Methods:
- Collaborative reports approximately 500-1000 words synthesizing two or more weeks or reading assignments and individual responses to the readings;
- In-class presentations that model collaborative reports in progress.