Level: Bachelor

Semestre: 2nd 


Working Hours: 
- Contact: 84
- Self-study: 132
- Total: 216

Language of Instruction: English/Russian

Workplacement: Shestakovo village, Kemerovo Region

Author of the Course: Dr. S.V. Leshchinskiy, Dr. Y.A. Bazhenova.

- Assistant Professor, Dr. Yana A. Bazhenova;
- Assistant Professor, Dr. Stepan V. Ivantsov.


- to apply the knowledge, obtained on the lectures of basic geology.
Learning Outcomes:
- to follow the safety rules;
- to know geographical characteristics of the area;
- to prepare the field equipment;
- to set up the field camp;
- to dig, clean and describe the geological section;
- to measure the structural attitude;
- to collect the samples for laboratory research.
Assessment Methods:
- Group tasks, group project, final report.