How to apply


In order to take part in the programme a student should:

Step 1 
   be enrolled in one of the  programmes at TSU
September 2020/21
Step 2 
 begin the Foundation Programme at TSU to enter the UoL
November 2020/21
Step 3 
 fill in the Application Form on the UoL web-site
January - October 2021
Step 4 
 fill in the Registration Form on the UoL web-site
April/May 2021 - October/November 2021
Step 5 
 be enrolled at UoL Programme
September 2021
Step 6 
to register for the UoL examinations
December 2021 - February 2022
 take examinations
May - June 2022
Step 8
 get results of the examinations
August 2022